Michelle Arnold

Vice President

Michelle was raised in central Canada and later attended university near Niagra Falls. She then worked as a post-doc researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California before joining the Physics Department faculty at Weber State University in 2002. Michelle and her husband Kirk currently live in South Ogden with their two daughters. Michelle enjoys sharing her love of science with children of all ages, and is involved in many outreach activities at Weber State as well as local Ogden schools.

“I love learning, love teaching and find tremendous joy watching individuals grow and expand their opportunities through education. The teachers, staff, administration and parents at GFA have established an environment that encourages children to love school, which I think is very important. The students at GFA want to do their best, both academically and personally. GFA has successfully captured what all parents hope for – a school at which their children will reach their academic potential in an environment of kindness and respect.”