GFA Guardians

We Are Guardians

Good Foundations Academy is represented by the "guardian" mascot. To help students understand the ideals behind the GFA Guardians mascot, the board of directors has approved the GFA Shield as a visual logo to represent the school. The guardian symbol and the accompanying shield reflect Good Foundations Academy's philosophy of the seven foundation stones as follows:


  • GFA Guardians show respect and self-control in all they do.
  • Students are willing to be warriors and fight for what is right, therefore they practice integrity and citizenship
  • Guardians are responsible to guard and protect, showing perseverance when times are tough.
  • Guardians practice cooperation with each other to keep peace in the land.

Each part of the shield has a special meaning for the faculty and student body. The four pictures on the shield each symbolize important GFA values. The compass shows direction and reflects our students' goals. The column, as seen in traditional heraldry, represents fortitude and constancy. The mountain range symbolizes GFA's respect for it's community and state, and the torch represents life, service, truth, and intelligence. The colors on the shield also represent GFA's values. The color red represents the student body as warriors, the color white represents peace, and the color blue represents truth.

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GFA School Pledge

As students at Good Foundations Academy, everyone is encouraged to learn the school pledge. These valuable words help students and faculty remember the values of the school, and encourages students to do their best work every day. The pledge reinforces good character and accurately reflects the school's philosophy of the seven foundation stones. The pledge is written as follows:

  • I am a GFA Guardian.
  • I will show respect for people and property.
  • I will use self-control and have the integrity to do what is right.
  • I will be responsible for my choices.
  • I will cooperate with others.
  • I will practice citizenship to make our community a better place.
  • I will persevere to reach my goals.
  • I will strive for excellence.
  • I am a GFA Guardian.