Kristi Knowles

My name is Kristi Knowles and this is my fifth year teaching at Good Foundations Academy.  I love teaching and being a part of students' lives everyday. I have been married to my husband John for 15 years and we have three amazing sons. We are a military family as Mr. Knowles is currently serving in the United States Air Force. I started my teaching degree at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. I finished my degree at New Mexico State University in 2007.  We have moved quite a few times in the last 15 years. This summer marks our 6th year in Utah! Two of my three children attend GFA.  I enjoy cooking southern comfort foods for my family and making sweet tea. During the summer, I love to travel. My favorite place to visit is Orlando, FL,  because all my family lives there. Of course, being from Orlando I am a big Disney fan. My first job as a teenager was working at Disney World in Orlando. My past students will tell you how much I enjoy singing random Disney songs and talking about fun Disney trivia.