Tom Koehler

Founding Board Member

Tom and his wife, Marina, live in Clearfield and have 5 children and 8 grandchildren. Tom is retired from the US Air Force, and is currently a campus Pastor at Alpine church, Riverdale campus. Tom and Marina have grandchildren attending second and third grade at GFA. They homeschooled their 5 children through their elementary years, then sent them to public, public charter, and private schools. 

Tom is on the board at Northern Utah Academy of Math, Science and Engineering since their inception. Upon visiting Liberty Commons Core Knowledge school in Fort Collins, CO, and witnessing the obvious success they’re having, he read E.D. Hirsch’s books: “Cultural Literacy’, and “The Schools We Need”; and Kilpatrick’s book: “Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right From Wrong”. Understanding the philosophical base of Core Knowledge curriculum and the necessity of character-based education convinced him that this model is exactly what schools of this nation need, so why not start one in Northern Utah. 

After seeing the fruit of this clear vision, strong leadership, great teachers, and wonderful students, all I can say is Good Foundations ROCKS!