Tracy Spangler

Tracy has been teaching at GFA for almost ten years. She has taught fourth grade for almost twenty years. Before continuing her career at Good Foundations Academy, Tracy taught fourth grade in Illinois. Tracy has a Bachelor’s Degree in elementary education from Eastern Illinois University and a Master’s Degree and endorsement in teaching English as a second language from Lewis University in Illinois. Tracy is excited to continue her role of ELL Coordinator and supporting our ELL students and those who teach them! One of Tracy's favorite things about GFA is the Core Knowledge curriculum. Tracy loves teaching literature, and she especially enjoys exposing our students to classic literature. Tracy's favorite subject to teach since joining GFA is history. The history curriculum is so rich and diverse; Tracy has a lot of fun learning about ancient cultures and how our country began! Tracy's number one priority as a teacher is her students. Tracy loves the beginning of the year where everyone gets to know each other and begin their journey together! Seeing her students grow into more thoughtful scholars as the year goes on is something Tracy truly loves being a part of. Even though Tracy hates to see them go at the end of the year, she is proud to send them to fifth grade and see them excel even further! Tracy loves to read and hike with her dog, Penelope.